WHat we offer!!

Throughout our real estate careers, we have always valued learning, teamwork, and FUN! Our team has grown around these principles to achieve growth through mentoring, accountability to our members and partners, and create a group of hardworking professionals who know the importance of taking time and making a point to ENJOY the people we work with and what we do.

Leads Leads Leads.

LEADS, LEADS, LEADS! We have learned that prospecting for new ready and able buyers and sellers is the lifeblood of a growing and successful real estate business. So we have tapped into not one – but several – proven lead generation and management tools. We provide you with your own accounts to CINC, Kunversion, BombBomb and Landvoice. We also participate in agressive Zillow marketing. But we don’t stop there! Our collaborative office concept and retail location is like having our own networking group under one roof, with thousands of local potential clients passing by our doors each month!