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We pay for ALL your marketing tools. We have a staff graphic designer who creates a wide variety of professionally branded materials including business cards, sales literature, signage and more.  We also give you a robust CRM and your own website with integrated MLS search. When you become a part of The Synergy Team, you hit the ground running with everything you need to start meeting with clients and make sales.

Our Generous Compensation Plan has been designed to ensure that all our members are earning what they deserve. It gives agents the flexibility to choose a split based on their sales style. Newer agents or those who prefer to have plenty of prospects to call on will enjoy the benefits of our inclusive package. Seasoned agents or those who work from an established referral network and their sphere can select a more autonomous pay structure.

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LEADS, LEADS, LEADS! We have learned that prospecting for new ready and able buyers and sellers is the lifeblood of a growing and successful real estate business. So we have tapped into not one – but several – proven lead generation and management tools. We provide you with your own accounts to CINC, Kunversion, BombBomb and Landvoice. We also participate in aggressive Zillow marketing. But we don’t stop there! Our collaborative office concept and retail location is like having our own networking group under one roof, with thousands of local potential clients passing by our doors each month!



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With offices conveniently located in Tempe AZ Synergy Team in close proximity to the 101 Freeway and I-60 Synergy Team offers both “common work areas” and private office space (some additional costs may apply) in an inviting Co-Op work environment.  We share office space with a local Cabinet Maker/Installer. An Interior Design Company. A local Flooring Contractor and a local Mortgage Broker.  All offering discounts to you and your Clients. Imagine being able to help your Buyers secure their new home and assist with renovations, all in one place.